Revenge Is A Dish Best Served With Ketchup
tried to reach deep
Title: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served With Ketchup
Author: measuringlife
Recipient: sirvalkyrie
Pairing: Vietnam/fem!Russia, fem!America, Taiwan, Belarus
Prompt: I would love a story focusing on Vietnam X Russia, with one of them being stressed out because America is dating their sister (either Belarus or Taiwan).
Notes: Thanks to Jana for the beta


[fill] Go Fish
tried to reach deep
Title: Go Fish
Author: measuringlife
Recipient: star_of_heaven
Pairing: Monaco and Belgium. Veers between gen and femslash subtext.
Prompt: Monaco and Belgium bonding over cards and chocolate.
Notes: Thanks to darkseraphim04 for the beta.


[Fic] Bliss & Blood
Regina Mana
Title: Bliss & Blood
Author: sirvalkyrie
Recipient: trishpawachunyu
Pairing: Ukraine/Canada, Ukraine & Belarus
Prompt: This can be either for fic or art. The female Nations are primping Ukraine up for her upcoming wedding - to Canada, America, Russia, whichever, you can only imply the presence of the groom anyway - anyway, they're primping her up, making her pretty. If this is art, Belarus is looking wistfully at her sister in the background. If this is a fic, Belarus shows up after every bridesmaid has come, regretting that she made a mess at the rehearsal dinner and that she is still in love with her sister's groom. Bonus points for sisterly affection!
Notes: I hope this pinch hit is moderately acceptable for you.  I think I managed to get every canon girl except Wy in.


Regina Mana
Sadly, despite the one week extension, several people did not post their gifts.  If you posted you will get something.  As no one has volunteered to pinch hit, I will have to do all of them myself.  So if you posted you will get a gift, except for me.

[Fic] Happy Holiday
Title: Happy Holiday
Pairing: Ukraine/Belarus
Prompt: Ukraine/Belarus, AU.
Notes: I apologize greatly for being late! Also, in this fanfic, Ukraine and Belarus are not siblings, neither by blood nor have they been raised together as such. It's a college AU. Also, I chose "Irunya" for Ukraine's human name, from Himaruya's list of possible human names for her.

("Merry Christmas, Natalia!")

Fic: "Underside of Time"
Take Your Place
Title: Underside of Time
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: America/Belarus
Summary: Spy AU where America and Belarus work for rival spy organizations and always end up doing missions in the same location and get together when they're not spying.
Notes: For fivedayslater! I apologize for being late, and please enjoy!

( Underside of Time )

[Fic] Courtly Love
Title: Courtly Love
Author: darkseraphim04
Recipient: miezen
Pairing: fem!AustriaHungary
Prompt: In which Hungary is Austria's knight in shining armor and courts her in a traditional fashion, despite being female herself. Any rating okay. Would prefer Austria's human name be Rosalinde if possible if it comes up.

Sorry this is so late.  I hope you like it!  Also a tiny note...I had considered doing this fic with the idea of the historical method that this sort of thing was done back in the day, but I declined doing that because more often than not it led to rejection.  So I went with what I did in the fic.

Pinch Hitters
Regina Mana
So, almost everyone has talked to me in one form or another.  There have only been two people that have not replied to me.  I really hope that one of them will get back to me soon.  Regardless, I am looking for anyone interested in pinch hitting.  If you are please post here and I will PM you the info about the people that need fills and then you can decide if it interests you.

Fic: Housewifely Qualities
hannibal » silhouette
Title: Housewifely Qualities
Author: cattiechaos
Recipient: rosetteroulette
Pairing: fem!Austria/fem!Hungary, AU
Prompt: fem!Hungary bakes sachertorte to impress fem!Austria.

I do apologize that this is a day late, my dear! I hope you enjoy nonetheless :)

Fic ahead!Collapse )

Art: Push Your Luck
Title: Don't Push Your Luck
Rating: G
Characters: Ukraine
Prompt: Ukraine being fierce/badass

Notes: For haro. I hope you like it c:

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